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Continuum’s Privacy Policy


At Continuum Consulting Inc (CCI) , we are committed to protecting client and customer privacy and confidential information. As a consulting agency, we provide case management, vocational rehabilitation, human resources and disability management services, at the request of an employer, organization or individual.

Because of the nature of our business, we collect and retain information only with written authorization. This information may be collected through email, correspondence, telephone conversations and faxes, or through direct interaction. We do not disclose personal or medical information unless authorized or required to do so by law or legal undertaking. Continuum Consulting Inc. does not collect any personal information through our web site.

The information collected by us is used solely for the purposes of carrying out ordinary daily business. All files remain confidential and the information is retained upon conclusion of our business dealings for the purposes of maintaining appropriate record retention in accordance with legal standards that currently exist. Continuum Consulting Inc. is compliant with the federal Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) when handling personal health information collected from individuals, families, or health care organizations.

CCI abides by the VRA code of ethics and standards. Should you have any requests, concerns, or questions regarding this policy, you can contact our Privacy Officer @ toll free: 1.888.775.7566.


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