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Email from client:

“… thanks for the understanding ear, kindness and wisdom … was helpful to speak with someone outside the situation and let off a little steam.”


Letter to management:

CCI’s Consultant “treated me very well and helped me a lot in terms of getting me back to work … actually got me through the doors of going to work and set up a really good return to work schedule. She is a great influence and continues to do a great job for me.”


Email from client:

“Thank you for all the assistance you provided me in my career change … I applied at 43 businesses and received interview requests at 19 (and counting). I received letters of offer at three places and had the chance to choose what I felt would provide me with the best challenge … Your advice and counsel was instrumental in giving me the tools I needed to get this position … I honestly don’t think I would have been able to (achieve this result) without your assistance.”


Email from client:

“You have no idea the important piece you have played in my life and how much I value and respect you. I am so thankful for PGAP and YOU! THANK YOU FOR GETTING ME BACK TO SCHOOL. You are the best and I will never forget what you did for me. Your little chick is flying again!

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